Very Aby Holidays – Hacks, modifications, and other DIY Projects

Sometimes, the exact piece of cat furniture you want or need just doesn’t exist. Yet. But it could, with a little creativity and ingenuity.

Moderncat is a great source of ideas for furniture modifications, as is the IKEA Hacker blog. IKEA is actually the basis for a lot of creative cat furniture, including the Hollywood Franklin Tower, which is based on the Stolmen system.

Ideas for cat furniture can come from literally anywhere. Ever since visiting Twice Sold Tales, a used bookstore in Seattle, I’ve been in love with the idea of combining bookshelves with cat trees and beds. Our favourite Shabu Shabu restaurant in Boston’s Chinatown has several pillars wrapped in sisal rope.


Every single time we go there to eat, I admire these “giant scratching posts” and think that if we ever move into a place with an architectural pillar, I want to wrap it in rope.


How much fun would that be?

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