Abys in Need: Update on St. Anne

Good morning…Update on St. Anne posted to the Aby Rescue list:

“She has Tritrichomonas foetus (an easily diagnosed and treated intestinal parasite) but we cannot afford vet bills since we have fallen on hard times…Plus she is stressed out and giving herself hotspots. We are blaming it on stress but maybe a vet could find an underlying reason/skin irritation? I want everyone to know up front that she has a problem. It would do her no good to go to someone else who can’t afford the vet bills. We are only giving her up for her own good and it is breaking our hearts.”

I know what it’s like to deal with overgrooming; Tessie’s had that problem since May.

If there’s any more information posted, I’ll pass it along.

One thought on “Abys in Need: Update on St. Anne

  1. What? Why didn’t they say that before? Did they think that other reason was better? This is getting weird. Poor Saint Anne. I hope she is going to be ok. :(

    by the way, If Tessie is overgrooming, I can make a bodysuit (catsuit) thing for her. I make them out of cotton-spandex with Velcro to close it up the back. I will email u a pic. I’m planning to sell them on etsy for post-surgery cats, and cats who over-groom (psychogenic alopecia) so they don’t have to wear the Cone of Shame.

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