Gun-Hee’s second Vet Visit

On December 23, Gun-Hee went to see Dr. Parker at Porter Square Veterinary. He was his typical fearless self…

Kylie had to go, too, because she had some bruising on one ear and I was afraid it might become a hematoma. You can see she’s much more shy.

Gun-Hee could not sit still in the exam room. He had to investigate everything.

He actually jumped off the examining table.

I think his bravery made Kylie a little braver, too.

Checking out the underneath of the table.

He’s a really happy kitten.

He’s also a really busy kitten.

He was very good with Dr. Parker, too.

This last photo is amusing; they were trying to give him his deworming pill and he kept spitting it back out. Finally, I had to do it…since I’d been giving him his Clavamox for a week, I knew just how to get him to swallow a pill.

3 thoughts on “Gun-Hee’s second Vet Visit

  1. He’s just way too freakin’ cute. That kinda thing isn’t legal.
    It’s also amazing how one lil kitten’s bravery can make an older cat at least pretend to be braver (Sasha used to pull that sort of thing when my roomie’s cat Magnus was a kitten).


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