Cat about town

I took Gun-Hee on the T today. We rode the Red Line, from Broadway to Porter Square. I managed to get one of the single seats, so when we got settled, I let him out of his carrier (he had his harness and leash on, of course) so he could sit on my lap.

He enjoyed it immensely. He didn’t stay on my lap (what Aby would?), but I kept him on the seat, either on my lap, shoulder, or the window sill to my right. As we approached Charles MGH, I set him on the window sill, and tapped the window so he’d look outside. The sight of the Charles River was most interesting to him, as were the cars driving alongside the train.

A few people (interestingly, mostly male teenagers) were enchanted by the well-behaved kitten. One, as he got off at Harvard Square, said, “Bye, kitty.” “Say ‘goodbye,'” I said to Gun-Hee, who, to my parental delight, immediately meowed in response. I’m sure that kid will remember that for a while.

Then, when the announcement, “Next Stop…PORTER SQUARE,” came over the PA system, I held open Gun-Hee’s carrier and “clicked” at him, saying, “Come on, get in your bag.” Again, to my proud delight (and not a little surprise), he promptly clambered down off my shoulder and into his carrier.

He’s an endlessly amazing little kitten.