Gun-Hee running up the wall

Well, the door, actually. I made Gun-Hee a hanging toy out of a fly fishing lure and a magnetic base. He astounds me with his athleticism.

Gun-Hee meets Clocky

Today, I got a Clocky alarm clock (he’s the alarm clock that runs away and hides when you don’t wake up). Here’s historic footage of Gun-Hee meeting Clocky…

Climbing the family tree

Gun-Hee’s pedigree on ERoS, the Electronic Register of Somalis, a worldwide database of the Somali cats (and, of course, Abyssinians).

This is so awesome. Not only does it list his ancestry, but it has the names of his brother (Jaspurr) and sisters (Sweet Sophie and Betula Birch). Somehow, it’s just so nice to know that his littermates are out there, and they have names, and those names are in the database in perpetuity.