All in the Family

I got this email from Sherry, Gun-Hee’s breeder.

Gun-Hee’s Uncle Whitey still chases his tail sometimes – he even goes to the top of the cat tree on the circle, practically at the ceiling, and does chases his tail – makes me a bit nervous! (I had to write back with !!! Gun-Hee does that at the top of one of our shorter cat towers! I just haven’t managed to record it yet.)

She continued: As I was reading your email, Gun-Hee’s brother, Rusty, was sitting here on the dining room table looking at the computer. Then I opened the art work picture you sent of Gun-Hee, and when Rusty saw that, he actually recognized it was cats – he touched the screen – I said “That’s your brother Gun-Hee!” Pretty amazing, it wasn’t even like a natural looking photograph. Smart critters, aren’t they?

I wonder if Rusty knew it was an Aby, or a relative?