Gun-Hee in the Sun

Sometimes, Gun-Hee is just too photogenic for words.

Gun-Hee Chases His Tail

A non-video version of Gun-Hee chasing his tail:







This image is one of the ones I have available in my CafePress shop.

Mommy’s Little Helper

An Abyssinian is so handy to have around the house. They help you with absolutely everything!

Look at how he helps to make the bed…

Gun-Hee takes a Harborwalk

A couple of weeks ago, on a rare warm (ie, over 50°) day, we took Gun-Hee out to Rolling Bridge Park on Boston’s HarborWalk.

<lj-cut text="Come for a walk with Gun-Hee!"

Visit my CafePress store!

I just opened my CafePress store. It’s small right now; I can only offer one of each item until I upgrade. But I want to see how it does first…There are only a few images right now, but there are two different images of Gun-Hee (riding the T and chasing his tail), plus some of Tessie and Kylie.
So please…go take a look and see what you think:

Visit my CafePress store!