Mommy’s Little Helper

An Abyssinian is so handy to have around the house. They help you with absolutely everything!

An otherwise dull routine becomes…special.

“Be sure you set it to warm wash/cold rinse,” says Gun-Hee.

Cooking, too, becomes an adventure. I was trying to simply broil a swordfish steak.

Gun-Hee! That’s my swordfish!

5 thoughts on “Mommy’s Little Helper

  1. Lionel is very handsy too – has to “poke” whatever we’re eating, etc…and half the time, he will take his entire drink from his paw, instead of actually bending down to drink.


  2. My sorrel Aby, Morse, it super handsy as well. Watching him eat meat is hilarious. He’ll lift each piece individually from his bowl to the floor, and some times he eats them straight from his ‘hand’, too.


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