Battle in Boston

I forgot to upload this video until today…Gun-Hee and Tessie wrassle to the Shods’ “Shoot You Down.”

This weekend’s cat show

Sherry called me yesterday to chat about the show…she told me there are only two Abyssinian kittens entered in the show this weekend! That means we’ve got a 50-50 shot of getting Best in Breed…and if the other kitten is a different colour, well, we’re guaranteed to be Best of Colour! LOL…

There’s a total of 56 kittens entered overall…considering finals are Top 10 format, we’ve got a 20% chance to make the finals in any of the 7 rings. The show in January had seven Aby kittens (nine were entered, but two were absent); five of those were Ruddys (colour competition), and four were males (direct competition in first round judging). Overall, the January show had 53 kittens (63 entered, 53 actually present the day of the show)…There are eight different Longhair breeds (three of which are different categories of Persians) represented and twelve different Shorthair breeds. Then, too…the Specialty (Shorhair or Longhair only) rings will be very interesting to see unfold.

There are also only 10 Household Pets entered…so Tessie’s not going to have much competition there, either. She only has 4 rings, and while the finals in HHP are usually Top 10, but if there’s only ten entries they’re probably going to just do the Top 5.