After the show…

When we got home from the cat show, Gun-Hee crashed on the sofa.

And like he does with everything, he gave it 110%!

More photos from the Concord Show

A few more random photos from the show…

Gun-Hee’s dad Scar in the ring with the judge who named his son Best Kitten

CFA Cat Show, Concord, NH May 6, 2007

Gun-Hee didn’t do as well on his second day at the show. It was a lot colder in the show hall (which was also a hockey rink!) and the judges were moving more slowly…in a couple of rings they called the kittens up to their rings long before they were needed, and those little show cages are not as warm as the benching cages!

So his eyes started to tear up and run, and he also started sneezing a little. He was fine in the morning, in the hotel before we got to the show…but he didn’t get one Best of Breed, and, consequently, didn’t make any finals. However, I don’t think the other Abyssinian, the little red girl, made any finals, either. It wasn’t a good day for Abys in general, I think.

Here he is keeping warm by playing with the little red girl.

At the Concord Best Western

Gun-Hee loves going to hotel rooms! There is just so much to explore!

CFA Cat Show, Concord, NH May 5, 2007

Gun-Hee’s second cat show started off very well. There were only two Abyssinian kittens entered, and the other one was a different colour than Gun-Hee, so it was basically a battle for Best of Breed in the kitten class. On the first day of the show, Gun-Hee was named Best of Breed two out of three times.

Here he is with a first round of ribbons.