Gun-Hee up a (very short, carpeted) tree

In the condo, we only have a very short cat tree with only the most basic scratching and lounging accomodations (unlike the floor-to-ceiling tree we have in Somerville). Gun-Hee has this very raggedy pagoda that we would put on the top of the cat tree’s shelf…

Which is one of his favourite places to nap.

One funny thing that happens is, Gun-Hee sort of rolls the pagoda…

…And ends up in the pagoda, on its side, on the floor next to the TV.
But this weekend, we found a perfectly servicible, if small, cat tree in the garbage room. I grabbed it because, well…I’m sure it’s being replaced because it’s so small…but I also saw a way to use it with the tree we already have. Of course, incorporating the new tree meant retiring the poor battered pagoda…

But somehow, I don’t think Gun-Hee minds too much

And we’ve finally found a spot for the little scratching barrel that Tessie won at the cat show.

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