I’d been noticing that Gun-Hee’s ears were really waxy. More so than any other cat I’ve ever had, apart from kittens with earmites…and I seriously doubted that Gun-Hee had earmites.

And when I say “waxy,” I mean really waxy. I would get four Q-Tips – both ends! – full of dark-brown, viscous wax every day. Now, when Gun-Hee was a tiny kitten, he had an upper respiratory illness, and it is thought that he has Feline Herpes Virus. Harri had this, too; it’s just always in the body (like the human version) and it flares up because of stress (Harri would get a “cold” everytime he got his vaccines). The last time Harri had a flare-up, I asked the vet if Kylie, then very young, should be kept apart from him. The vet told me that if she wasn’t sick already, she’s most likely developed an immunity, the same as Patrick (who has never had a “cold” in 10 years) and Tessie most likely have.

I did a little reading and wondered if he might have a Feline Herpes Virus-related ear problem (in which case it would likely be chronic and I’d be told to give him L-Lysine, which he’s already taking on a daily basis. But if his ear problems weren’t Herpes-related…then what? My reading indicated it might very well be a yeast or bacterial infection.

So last Saturday, I took Gun-Hee into the vet to have his ears looked at. And, well…I was right. It wasn’t Herpes-related, and it was probably a bacterial or yeast infection (or a combination of the two). He was prescribed Tresaderm, four drops in each ear twice a day for 10 days.

Today is day five, and the improvement is remarkable. I can tell it’s working…Gun-Hee won’t hold still for the eardrops as nicely as he did on Saturday and Sunday. By yesterday, he knew that my shaking the bottle was his cue to run away and hide…

He’ll have to go back in for a follow-up, probably when Kylie goes for her annual in August. But it’s nice to be able to do a little research (both online and in books) and come up with pretty much the reason why something is happening.

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