Gun-Hee to go

Today I received something I’d ordered a little while ago…a Outward Hound Pet-A-Roo Carrier.

(I got one like the red one…only in black.
I got the idea to get him something like this when we went to the park and my husband wanted to bring his carrier along. But his regular carrier is so big and bulky…I mean, it’s great for confining him on a drive or carrying him to the vet, but on a little trip on the T or a walk to the post office? It’s a bit much.

Of course, as soon as I got home, I put it on and tried it out with Gun-Hee. He loves it. I walked around the apartment with him snug in his carrier and he just purred the entire time.

Now if the weather would just warm up…I can’t wait to try it outside on a real adventure!