Cat about town

Gun-Hee and I tried out his carrier yesterday. We took the T to Downtown Crossing and walked back. He loved it. He was purring the whole time and didn’t try to jump out til we got to the Harbourwalk, which he recognised as a place he could walk around.

People were entertaining. We passed quite a few weary workers on their way home after another tough week, and when they realised there was a kitten in the pouch, they got these big grins on their faces. A lot of people stopped to ask what sort of cat he was, and one woman exclaimed, “Oh! I wish my cat would do that! That’s awesome!” My favourite was when we passed a woman with a baby in a similar front carrier; I said to Gun-Hee, “Look! That baby’s riding the same way you are!” but the woman didn’t notice us. Still, it amused me.

I need to get some photos of him riding around in his pouch…

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