More with Gun-Hee and Kylie’s pink bed…

Over the weekend, I relayed Gun-Hee’s dismay at having to share Kylie’s pink bed with its cushion.

This morning, we was at Kylie’s bed again.


Which on its own was funny enough.


But then Kylie came to see what Gun-Hee was doing with her bed.







Um…You know I can see you, right, Gun-Hee?


4 thoughts on “More with Gun-Hee and Kylie’s pink bed…

  1. Gun-Hee and Family
    I met him a couple of months ago, he is georgeous he comes accross in a sort of elegant very aristocrat calculated type of a walk – very friendly, curious and in truth he is a true Christopher Columbus type, he wants to discover everything around him. I love hearing stories about him and seeing the pictures.


    1. Yep, the dresser and the tall cabinet are both IKEA.
      Angel wanted to jump up from the bed, but wasn’t quite sure how to do it. So I held her up and she leapt up from my hands.


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