Garbage Cat

6:30, Saturday morning. I’m awakened by a crash in the kitchen…and it takes a lot to wake me up. So of course I went to investigate…

It was then I remembered that I’d thrown away a brick of moldy cheddar cheese the night before.

He went after that cheese (which was in its wrapper, inside a Ziploc bag) several times, knocking the whole thing over more than once.

He figured out how to push in the flip-top. I had to turn the can around sideways in order to get back to sleep.
But, I mean, seriously! Digging in the trash? You would think I never fed him!

And, well…it inspired this:

One thought on “Garbage Cat

  1. But the floor, it is shiny and scaaary.
    It’s so nice to see her being so brave.
    …and I turn around to see Smeagol staring intently at me, because he is trying so hard to figure out Hubero’s wordless commands.


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