Visiting the Welder’s Cats

Today, Gun-Hee and I went to the post office to see if my copy of Harry Potter had arrived yet (it hadn’t). On the way, we peeked in to see if any cats were about at the welders’ place.

There was one, and he and Gun-Hee looked at each other for a while.

4 thoughts on “Visiting the Welder’s Cats

  1. Hello Gun-Hee.
    At first blush you may have no clue why I added your journal.
    I’m in the process of preparing to adopt 2 Abyssinian kittens. I was reading the cat_lovers community and others because I’ve never had a cat before and wanted to get as educated as possible. (I learned about soft-paws and that Abys like to patrol rather than stick to one spot.)
    Anyway, I read about this journal and saw you, and said, “Hey, Gun-Hee looks like an Aby,” and of course, you are.
    So, I’d like to keep reading about you, and therefore added you. ^_^


    1. Hiya! Gun-Hee’s mom here…
      Abys are…wow. I was a Siamese person. Then I got Gun-Hee…and if he’s a typical Aby, then…wow. I mean, I had SIamese, and I’d read the breed descriptions, I’d be all, yeah…well, my Siamese doesn’t do that…they’re exaggerating. But the breed description for Abys? Gun-Hee is all that.
      It’s been an interesting 8+ months. He’s like a force of nature.
      That being said, I can’t imagine having two at the same time. You’ll have to keep me posted!


      1. Funny, when I ready about Abys I kept thinking about the two cats from Lady and the Tramp, but luckily, I don’t have curtains. *laughs*
        Actually, I’ve been reading that two Abys are less trouble than one because they will tire each other out.
        Well, time will certainly tell. ^_^


        1. Well, we have four cats. The other three don’t seem to be enough to tire Gun-Hee out…
          He woke me up at 5:30 yesterday morning…because he wanted to play.
          So, yeah.


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