Head of the Class

The breed summary for this weekend’s cat show went online yesterday. There are ten Abyssinians in the show. No kittens, 3 champions, 2 grand champions, 1 open premier (that’s Gun-Hee), 1 premier and 3 grand premiers! (Premiers are basically the neutered/spayed equivalent of a Champion).
Holy cow.

But it’ll be interesting to see what happens. Because Gun-Hee is the only Aby at “Open” status in Premiership (ie, with fewer than six Winners Ribbons; not a Premier or Grand Premier) it looks like, from the CFA rules, that he’ll earn a Winners Ribbon in each ring basically by default. Because, according to the CFA’s explanation of how ribbons are awarded, “Once a kitten turns 8 months of age, it is considered to be an adult and begins its adult show career in the OPEN class in either the Championship or Premiership Classes. A judge will handle and evaluate all of the OPEN cats in a color grouping, first the males and then the females. He will award a First Place(Blue) ribbon in the Open class to one male and one female (also Second Place(Red) and Third Place(Yellow) ribbons depending upon the number of Open cats of that color). First place in the OPEN class is usually accompanied by a Winners Ribbon(Red/White/Blue).”

Hm. So he’s the only Aby in the Open Premier Class. Does that mean he gets all winner’s ribbons in his class, I wonder…? Or maybe only if they think he’s worthy. That use of the word “usually” makes me wonder. Hm. Interesting. Very interesting. This should be an interesting show.

So if I’m reading this correctly, Gun-Hee competes only against the other Abys at Open level (except he’s the only one); then, after the premiers and grand-premiers are judged against themselves…they’ll do best of colour(s) and then best of breed from all of the premiers…so then he’ll be up against the other four Abyssinians in Premiership. (As I understand it, first the judge looks at all the Opens and picks 1st, 2nd, 3rd of each sex and colour. Then the Premiers and does 1st, 2nd, 3rd of each sex and colour. Then the Grand Premiers (and does 1st, 2nd, 3rd of each sex and colour). Then he picks the best and second best Aby in each colour. Then he picks the best and second best Aby of the five entries. He also picks the best Premier (which won’t be Gun-Hee because he hasn’t got 6 winners ribbons yet). Then he looks at all the other premiership cats. Then he picks the top 10 out of all the premiers entered in the show (long- and shorthair since this is an allbreed show).

(It’s fair to refer to the judges as “him” for this show because all six judges happen to be men.)

After a few shows (or, maybe this one? because it’s 6 rings; that’s the bit I’m not clear on, if he’s the only one in his class does he always get a winner’s ribbon from each judge?) he’ll become a Premier (like his Uncle Whitey). Sherry was trying to get Whitey to become a Grand Premier…he was close at the May show, but didn’t make any finals. Gun-Hee’s the only Open because he’s the only Aby who hasn’t earned his Premiership yet (won best of his colour/sex six times). There are other Open cats, but they’re different breeds, so he’s not competing against them til the finals. There’s actually only 7 Open cats in Premiership, 3 SH and 4 LH. Which kind of makes sense; he was a winter kitten so he’s sort of offtime. He was barely old enough to be in the Kitten class for his first show in January, and almost too old to be in the Kitten class back in May (Kittens are 4 months – 8 months old). Opens are cats that have only been in a very few shows as adults, and this is his first. Most cats are either older (and have earned their winners ribbons) or are younger and still in Kitten class, because most cats are born April – August…not mid-September.

Once a cat Grands, they still collect points, and can become Double-Grands, Triple-Grands and even Quadruple-Grands (Champion or Premier).

According to the official CFA Show Rules (2007-2008 edition):

8.01 Of each color class recognized as entitled to Championship or Premiership, the winning Open male or neuter and the winning female or spay in any type of ring, e.g. Allbreed, Longhair/Shorthair or Breed specialty will be awarded the “Winners Ribbon.”

8.02 Winners ribbons claimed must be won competing as the same color and/or pattern and must be won under the exact name in which the cat is registered…Wins made in Championship competitions may not be transferred to Premiership records. However, titles won in Championship competition are retained.

8.03 Six (6) Winners Ribbons won under at least four (4) different judges are required for Championship or Premiership confirmation…

So unless I’m missing something, it looks like he’ll have six ribbons by the end of the show. Seems almost too easy…I’m like, trying to figure out what the catch is.

Then there’s the other thing I’m worried about. The CFA Show Rules state that cats must be carried into and out of the show hall in an “enclosed, secured carrier,” which his front carrier does not seem to be – it’s secured, but not enclosed. But I know he won’t want to ride the train in an enclose carrier, so I’ll have to take one of the other cats’ carriers (probably Kylie’s since it’s the smallest) and just put him into it before we walk in. Seems silly, but there it is.

I can’t stand how excited I get before these things.