Cat Show Part Three: After the Show

Towards the end of the show, things got a little quieter. There were no more rings to listen for, and a little time before we had to vacate the hall. It was nice. I had a chance to relax, talk to Cheryl, and kind of chill with Gun-Hee.

A father with two girls (the younger one named Tess – I told her that we had a kitty at home named Tessie) came by and they were fascinated with Gun-Hee. Since it was the end of the day, and Gun-Hee didn’t have to face any more judges, I let both of the girls pet him. They were so great, those girls…kind of reminded me of when my sister and I went to cat shows. Let’s not pretend: some exhibitors at cats shows can be downright rude to “outsiders,” the people who just come to shows to look at cats. I remember them when I was young…and now that I’m (gasp!) actually showing a purebred cat in a CFA show, I want to be an ambassador of sorts.

When Cheryl first came, she said, “Oh, I’m just doing Household Pets,” and I said, “Hey. Nothing wrong with that, that’s how I started.” But I kind of got the feeling that not everyone feels that way. Which is too bad.

I took the opportunity the calm at the end of the show afforded to get a few shots of Gun-Hee’s “home” when we’re on the road..

3 thoughts on “Cat Show Part Three: After the Show

  1. Ever since Miso and Morse arrived I have not been allowed in the bathroom by myself. Obviously, Angel too has to come and ‘inspektigate’ out what you are doing 😉


    1. HA!
      The other night I was taking a shower and I thought I saw a flutter in the shower curtain closest the door…I look, and I see Angel’s tail going out the door! She was supervising me in the shower, and I caught her!


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