Butter up!

Gun-Hee just stole butter! My husband was cooking and left it on the counter to soften.


Next thing he knows, the butter is gone…Gun-Hee had dragged it into the Fort Under the Chairs (his second-favourite place to hide after his cage; I think the butter – which was sitting on the open wrapper – was too hard to drag all the way to his cage), just licking away. My husband salvaged the butter he needed to finish cooking, and I managed to recreate the scene with the wrapper.




No remorse. None. Whatsoever.

8 thoughts on “Butter up!

  1. Heh, my ordinarily well behaved Sasha will attempt to get onto the table- while we’re eating- to get to the butter. As soon as we start clearing our plates from the table she will hop right up there to see if we left the top off the butter dish! So yeah, I can totally see Gun-Hee stealing it! 🙂


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