Gun-Hee’s my star!

I got Gun-Hee’s star tags back from Brad the Engraver. They are wonderful!

And on the back…

The backside was engraved by a company out in Western Mass, Rossi Pet Tags. They’re wicked cheap – $3.99 a tag with free shipping! – and they have 60 different fonts and several little graphics that can be added to the tag. They’re anodized aluminum tags, and they come in several different colours and shapes. Easily the best tags I’ve found yet…I use engraved tags for everything, too: luggage tags, ID tags for cameras, jump drives, computer bags…I’m sure I’ll be ordering more. Especially since they tell me they’ll soon be able to do Korean characters…

Putting the birthdate on the back of the tag is a bit of a tradition. I had sterling silver tags made for Harri, Sigrid and Patrick made over 10 years ago with their names and a jewel in the front, and their birthdates on the back; since I had two lines, I figured I might as well continue the tradition.

All of the cats have three tags: The name/address/phone number tag (which is on a separate tag in case the info changes), closest to the chest, with the wording facing in; then the Rabies tag, which, despite when they got the shot is a blue flower on all four cats (some are from 2001, some are from 2005) because those look the nicest. Their current tags are attached to their carrying bags, just in case.

Then their individual tag in front. Patrick has his silver tag with a synthetic Emerald in it. Tessie has a little enamelled Red Sox logo. Kylie has a small pewter heart with her name on it…and now, Gun-Hee has his star with his name in Korean (replacing the Bakelite one we got made in Seoul, which is starting to chip and which I don’t want to get ruined).

Perhaps someday, I’ll get Gun-Hee a silver charm like Patrick’s…probably the next time I go to Korea.

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