Someone else is doing it!

In this month’s Boston Magazine, the Fashion Masochist takes her kitty out on the town in Boston!

How come that article isn’t about Gun-Hee!?

Something I thought of today

Gun-Hee is such a great cat. I mean, I don’t just say that because he’s mine…but he is so affable and good natured. Every morning, I give him an L-Lysine pill, and then comb out his chin acne, scrub his chin with hydrogen peroxide, and put benzoyl peroxide on it. Then in the evening, he gets the whole chin routine again, but with Bacitracin. And I always do it in the bathroom, and you know he KNOWS what’s going to happen…but he never really tries to hide. And it’s always me that does it (My husband doesn’t know how, and I’ve been handling cats for 40 years) to him, all this grooming, bathing, medicating, claw-clipping…yet, he always comes when I call him, he’s always happy and purring, he always wants to be where I am. He never sulks, never holds a grudge…he’s amazing.

And he’s always happy to see me, too. I came home today, and I was reading a book, so I sat down on the sofa to finish the chapter. And Gun-Hee curls up on the back of the sofa, behind my head, purring and touching my hair with his paws.

He’s just a wonderful, wonderful cat.