What’s wrong, boy? Did Tessie fall down a well?!

I was in the shower last night, so I missed this, but as soon as I came out my husband crowed that he had “the best Gun-Hee story ever!”

My husband had been changing the water filter in the refrigerator, and Gun-Hee was helping, as usual. But as he was finishing, Gun-Hee began to frantically scratch at the underneath of the kitchen cabinet next to the cats’ feeder. My husband, who thought maybe he was after a toy or something, told him to stop, picked him up, and took him out of the kitchen. Gun-Hee came right back, though, and continued his attack on the cabinet. He was lying on his back, and he was even biting the wood! My husband couldn’t figure it out; there’s nothing in that cabinet that’s of any interest to cats. Their extra dry food and cans are stored in different cabinets. My husband looked all around and could find nothing to explain Gun-Hee’s obsession with the cabinet. He yelled at Gun-Hee to knock it off and evicted him from the kitchen again.

Of course, Gun-Hee came right back. Abys are known to be determined, but this was above and beyond the typical Abyssinian perseverence! Finally, he said, “Okay, all right: look. There is nothing in there. See?” And he opened the cabinet to show Gun-Hee there was nothing inside to warrant his frantic campaign…

And there was Tessie, shut up in the cabinet. My husband had needed a little vegetable oil to lubricate the gasket on the new water filter, and when he went to get it, Tessie evidently snuck inside without being noticed. But Gun-Hee knew she was in there, and he wasn’t going to rest until she was out again!

Such a brave little cat!

I managed to recreate the scene tonight…

(Recreation was done by shutting a treat in the cupboard…not Tessie!)

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