“I guess God made Boston on a wet Sunday.”

Even though it’s only mid-August, there’s been a faint chill in the Boston air recently that whispers of what’s to come. As hot and as humid as it can be here, it’s only temorary, fleeting…soon enough, Fenway will close its doors again, the sun will set at 4pm, rings will appear around the moon, and snow and ice will clog the city’s arteries.

In the midst of all this putting on a pair of sandals while thinking of snow boots in the back of my head, I thought of Gun-Hee and how much he enjoys going out on adventures. In the summer, it’s easy. But I hate for him to have to give them up in winter. Some days, while cold, are still quite fine, and he can always ride the T…

But he’s a very shorthaired shorthair, and he feels the cold quite easily. So…I looked around a bit, and ended up ordering him this for $10.99 on Amazon.com (it was the last one in a size Small). It’s his colour, and it has a hood to keep his ears warm…Of course, I have no idea whether or not he’ll actually wear the thing, but for $11 it’s worth a shot…and somehow, something tells me he just might put up with it, if it means he gets to go out in his carrier once in a while…

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