Gun-Hee visits the welders’ kitties

Last weekend Gun-Hee and I went for walks while the weather was still good. We stopped to visit the welders’ cats, as has become our habit since they kittens arrived. This year, I’ve been told they had 15 kittens, but all have found homes apart from the last three. Two are longish-haired black smokes and one, the most friendly, is a shorthaired black girl. She came out to see us.

Not only that, but she and Gun-Hee touched noses!

Gun-Hee was very interested in the little girl.

It was cute. He wanted to sniff her, but when he did, he’d hiss at her because she didn’t smell like “his” cats. She took it in stride, amazingly.

“Mom! This isn’t one of ours!”

Gun-Hee also made friends with one of the older cats through the fence.

You can’t really see her, but she’s a lovely young black shorthair.

More shots of the little kitten.

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