K.M.D. in the Kitchen

One morning last week I woke up, went into the kitchen…and discovered this:

The purrpetrator was not only on the scene, but presiding over his accomplishment seeming quite pleased!

Just look how proud he is of himself! You can probably tell from the photo that he’s purring as he rubs his head on the stepladder, all, “oh, you’re busy taking my photo, so I’ll just pet myself, that’s okay.”

3 thoughts on “K.M.D. in the Kitchen

  1. You know, I feel like Angel and my red Aby, Morse, are very similar. Our bathroom is rather small, and during winter I dry clothes there, too. Whenever I’m taking a shower, Morse will jump on the clothes drying thing, and start patting the shower curtain. It’s even more fun for him, if I pat it back. 😉 Our shower curtain has a plenitude of tiny holes now, I wonder how they go there …


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