Gun-Hee’s a bad influence!

It’s not so much that he’s a naughty cat, but he, more than any cat I’ve ever known, will try things. Most cats would never, for example, try to jump from the back of the sofa to the stepping stool. They look at the distance and decide there’s no way they can make it. But Gun-Hee, he’ll try it. He’s not afraid of what happens if it doesn’t work. He doesn’t care if he falls flat on his face.

Over the weekend he decided to try to wriggle out of the “flak jacket” – the vest harness I got him in Oregon. He got bored riding and wanted to walk, so he started leaning forward in the front carrier as far as he could, using the clip as leverage, and pulling his arms as close to his body as he could. Sure enough, he sort of slithered through the neck hole and out onto the sidewalk. Of course, once he realised that he could do it, there was no keeping him in his harness, because he kept doing it. But the point is, you put a harness on most cats, and after a feeble attempts, they just accept that they’re stuck wearing the thing. But Gun-Hee, it’s like he doesn’t know he’s not supposed to be able to get out, so he gives it a shot.

But once he figures out he can do a thing, that’s it. He keeps doing it. This is why I’ve got carabiner clips on his show cage: he’s figured out how to work the zippers.

One thing about cats is, they learn by example. A mother cat teaches her kittens to hunt, groom and use the litter box by showing them how to do it. This is why Gun-Hee does things like reach up for the elevator buttons: he knows they make the thing go to our house. He doesn’t know how they do it, but he knows that we get in, I touch them and we come out on our floor.

What worries me is that Gun-Hee’s pioneering spirit is going to rub off onto the other cats, and then we’ll be doomed. This past weekend, for example, Gun-Hee decided he wanted to see what was in the dishwasher.

You can see he’s got the concept of how to open the door down;
he’s even starting to position his body to use his weight to pull it down.
He’s just not heavy enough.

Kylie comes over to see what Gun-Hee is doing. He’s still trying to open the dishwasher.

After he finally gives up, Kylie gives it a go. You can see she’s not sure what he was doing, but if she were to figure it out? She might be able to do it. She’s got a little more weight and, being taller, a little more leverage.
At least he hasn’t started to work on opening the refrigerator…yet.

2 thoughts on “Gun-Hee’s a bad influence!

    1. Yeah…I made a cat macro about it, actually. He knows that those round thingys have something to do with the elevator going somewhere.
      I’ll tell my boyfriend what you said about Kylie…he’s her human… 🙂


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