Evil Genius

Gun-Hee is too smart for his own good. This morning, as he does most mornings, he has hanging out in the bathroom with me while I was getting ready for work. His latest thing is knocking things off of the inside edge of the tub and then playing with them. Today it was my pumice stone and my razor (!?!). He already knows how to push the door in if it’s closed so he can come in the bathroom. I’ve suspected that he knows that to get out, he needs to pull the door towards him (the door opens into the bathroom). Generally, while I’m getting ready, the drawer my make-up is kept in is open, which blocks the door and prevents it from opening. Well, this morning he figured out that he needed to close my make-up drawer in the bathroom before he could pull open the door to get out.

I’m up close to the mirror putting on my mascara, and behind me I hear the sound of the drawer rolling closed. Then he started pulling at the door to open it enough to squeeze out. There are no photos of this, at least not yet (I guess I need to keep the camera in the bathroom!), but…that kind of spatial conceptual ability in a young cat can only mean we’re in for some interesting times in the coming years.

2 thoughts on “Evil Genius

    1. I don’t know; I’ve never really had dogs. I would say that Gun-Hee is smarter than any cat I’ve ever had, at least as far as problem solving and pattern recognition goes.


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