Talking to Gun-Hee’s breeder

Sherry called me on Friday night and we talked for a ridiculously long time. It was awesome. We talked about all sorts of things, but a major topic was, of course, Gun-Hee getting disqualified for having a grey undercoat in one ring at that show back in August. She said pretty much what I did, that it seemed to be an overzealous interpretation of the standard, but she also shared with me some advice she had been given about grooming Scar (Gun-Hee’s father), Whitey (his uncle) and Dior (Scar and Whitey’s older brother, a former Champion now neutered and being shown in Premiership): Remove as much dead hair from the coat as possible. She said she used a special brush to remove the dead undercoat, and she was amazed at how much hair she got off of Scar.

Well, when we were in Florida, we picked up one of those ShedEnder combs because they had them for sale at CVS. I decided to try it out finally, after talking to Sherry, and see how it worked.

It worked amazingly! I have a shedding blade which works well on Tessie’s thick double coat, but which wasn’t so impressive on Gun-Hee’s thin, sleek coat. I didn’t really spend a lot of time on him with it, as this was more of a “hm, let’s see if this works” kind of thing rather than a serious grooming session…and I got a large handful of hair off of him!

This is the pile of hair I got off of Gun-Hee, and the ShedEnder comb.

“Wow…all that hair came off of me!?”
So the show is on November 11, two weeks from today. I think I’ll comb him with the ShedEnder every other day or so to get a good sheen on him and remove as much dead hair as possible. Hopefully, this will reduce any greyness in his undercoat and keep him from garnering any more disqualifications.

He only needs one more Winners Ribbon to earn his Premiership. I just want him to win one at this next show…just one. Anything else will be gravy.

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