And, at over a year old…

…Gun-Hee is currently engaged in chasing the hell out of his tail.

I don’t know what it is about that tail of his…but he sure loves chasing it.

Gun-Hee and the Leopard Son

Because it’s Columbus Day (aka Canadian Thanksgiving), I got out of work early. I turned on the TV, and The Leopard Son was just starting, so I’m watching it.

And so is Gun-Hee.

He is utterly fascinated. Mostly, he’s just sitting on the sofa next to me, transfixed…

But once or twice he’s gotten up to try to interact with the leopards.

Just another Saturday in Boston

Gun-Hee loves to ride the T. I tell people this, but sometimes I get the feeling that they don’t really believe me. But this weekend I discovered that, not only does he like to ride the T, but he likes to wait for it as well.

This is Gun-Hee at Park Street Station, one of the two oldest subway stations in the country.

What I love best about these photos is how unfazed he is as “the train comes rumblin’ through.” The thing I love second best is that I had to really hold him to keep him behind the yellow line.

Gun-Hee goes to the Jewellers

I had to run errands on Saturday, so of course, Gun-Hee came with me. We went to the post office, and then we went to pick something up from my jewellers, Virgil and Florin Ghita.

Here’s Gun-Hee in the historic Jewelers Exchange Building in Downtown Crossing.

Gun-Hee visits the welders’ kitties

Last weekend Gun-Hee and I went for walks while the weather was still good. We stopped to visit the welders’ cats, as has become our habit since they kittens arrived. This year, I’ve been told they had 15 kittens, but all have found homes apart from the last three. Two are longish-haired black smokes and one, the most friendly, is a shorthaired black girl. She came out to see us.

Not only that, but she and Gun-Hee touched noses!

Gun-Hee was very interested in the little girl. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to be friends, though…

K.M.D. in the Kitchen

One morning last week I woke up, went into the kitchen…and discovered this:

And of course there was little doubt as to who was responsible for this crime against rice…