Hilarious Japanese Aby Video

I have no idea, because I can read Korean, but not Japanese…

I found another one by the same person, with the same Abys…

OOooh…and another one!

5 thoughts on “Hilarious Japanese Aby Video

  1. I laughed at that shot of the ‘wall climbing’ picture. Good stuff.
    I’ve thought about lining the wall with something they can actually climb, just to see what happens. *laughs*


    1. OMG.
      There’s a Japanese restaurant (shabu-shabu) in town that we go to, and it has these pillars all through the dining area. The pillars are wrapped with rope (I think at one time there was a nautical theme going on).
      Every time we go in there, we look at the pillars wrapped in rope, which of course look like nothing else than a giant scatching post, and we say, “Can you just imagine what Gun-Hee would do in here?”
      So yeah, I’ve thought of doing something like that, myself…


  2. I hope she likes it. I knew I owed Angel one because I never made her the eyeball toy. (I seem to have misplaced the recipe and it took a long time to make anyway.)


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