The food you’re not supposed to eat just tastes better…

I caught Gun-Hee eating out of the extra food storage bin yesterday.

Bear in mind that this food is exactly the same as the food in the feeder on the floor…


It’s actually hilarious.

None of the other cats feels a need to get their food from the source. Nope. Only Gun-Hee.


It’s like he fabricates “reasons” to get up on the counter…

4 thoughts on “The food you’re not supposed to eat just tastes better…

  1. Yay! That made my day!
    Let me know if she takes it apart and I’ll send you another one.

    The question is this… If I were to make these and sell them would you pay $2. or $3. for it? (Not that I want to charge you, I’m just pondering pricing. I sell the little square catnip pillows for .50 each.)


    1. Oh, absolutely. I just bought her a felted wool catnip mousie for $5 a couple of weeks ago at Art Beat in Davis Square. I’d definitely pay $2 or $3 for yours!
      Heck, I’d even pay $5 🙂


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