Gun-Hee and the Xmas aftermath

I didn’t take very many pictures this morning…you know how it is, the place looks like a tornado hit a Christmas Tree Store, and the last thing you think of is grabbing a camera to capture the moment. But I did take a few…

Gun-Hee in his new fleece warm-up, playing with Tessie’s sparkleball garland
(we took the balls off the string later). He got a new collar, too.

The fleece warm-up has a reflective strip up the back.

Playing with a little wind-up bird I got him.

I got him the most amusing catnip toy…a Chill Pill!

My husband asked, “Do you think it will work?” when I took it out of Gun-Hee’s stocking.

I don’t know if it’ll work or not…but he does seem to like it!

Happy Christmas to all Gun-Hee’s Friends!

Thank you for following his adventures this year, and stay tuned for more next year!