The scary machinations of the Aby mind…

I was thinking that it might not be a bad idea to get Gun-Hee a spare turquoise collar since he has the bad habit of using them as chew toys…I got the one he has at Petco, and (having shopped around for a better price the last time he chewed up his collar), I know that they’re the only place that easily and reliably has them in stock. Despite it being a lovely day, I didn’t really feel like shlepping out to Cambridge to go shop at Petco in person, so I went to their website.

Nice. The Turquoise collars are on special internet sale for $4.49 each (roughly half price), plus I found a 15% off coupon online so I saved another $2.02. I got Gun-Hee 3 more collars for under $20! Since they were so much less than I’d been expecting (or even hoping for) I ordered 3…hopefully by the time he gets to the third one he’ll have stopped trying to gnaw them off his neck. Damn these intelligent Abys, anyway…no other cat I’ve owned has ever minded the jingling noise their tags make! Gun-Hee, though, he knows he can get away with more if he doesn’t get caught…the tags mean he’s more likely to get caught…the tags are attached to the collar…so the collar has to go!

At least he’s yet to figure out that I don’t buckle it very tightly, and he can easily slip is head out if he gives it a serious try.

He’s really, really clever, though. And he learns from his past efforts and he remembers what works, too. This morning he showed me that he’s gotten much better at closing the drawer and pulling open the bathroom door when he wants to get out. He did it this morning and it wasn’t at all hesitant. He very efficiently walked up to the drawer, pushed it shut, hooked his paw under the bathroom door, pulled it open just enough to get his head through, and walked out. It’s amazing to watch him, really.

Gun-Hee a day/8 of 366

My co-worker, Julia, bought flowers today. I brought a few home for Gun-Hee…