Gun-Hee a day/10 of 366

Gun-Hee loves fresh kitty litter. He’s fascinated with the boxes. I’ve seen him go in and bury the other cats’ “leftovers” because, in his opinion, they didn’t do a good enough job. He’s always in the bathroom when I scoop out the boxes. He loves to dig in the clean litter, and he also likes to go in the box as soon as I’ve cleaned it, before anyone else has a chance to use it.

We have two litter boxes, and he’s been known to go in both boxes after I’ve scooped each one, one after the other. I have no idea how he manages that.

So it wasn’t entirely surprising to me that he’d try to jump into the bucket of litter…

At first he just dug and dug…he loves it when he can’t hit the bottom right away.

I wasn’t sure he’d be able to fit in there, but he dove right in.

Then his digging started to become…focused.

Yeah…he’s doing what it looks like he’s doing! Talk about fresh litter!

9 thoughts on “Gun-Hee a day/10 of 366

  1. CJ loves to try and use the litter box while I’m cleaning it or very close after.
    Often times I’ve had to take a step back and wait till he was done.


    1. Oh he also will do that…and he’s a really avid digger and buryer. I have, once or twice, gotten tired of waiting for him to finish and just scooped out from underneath him.


  2. Oh my god I love your cat so much. I hope you don’t mind me adding you as a friend, I have to keep up with your photos.
    My cat is terrible with photos. Every picture of him turns up as one of his ass 😛


    1. Not at all! Welcome! He has a pretty amusing life, my little Gun-Hee.
      I swear he knows what the camera means, and he hams it up when it’s pointed at him!


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