Gun-Hee’s ongoing collar issues

One of Gun-Hee’s Christmas presents was a new collar. He’d outgrown his old one. Two days ago I had to replace his new collar because he’d bitten it. I put in some extra rivets go decrease its bitability, to no avail.

Note that he has only been wearing this new collar since Christmas…so it hasn’t even lasted one month.

The problem is, as usual with Abyssinians, he’s too smart. All of the cats wear identical collars (Tessie’s is red, Kylie’s pink, and Patrick’s is black) and they all wear three tags (rabies, name & phone number, and decorative). Kylie also has a bell. No other cat has ever thought to try biting their collars. None of them has ever had a problem with their tags, either.

But Gun-Hee has figured it out. The tags make noise. Noise which we and the other cats can hear. Noise which, when we hear it on a countertop, in a closet, or stalking behind us, we know is being made by Gun-Hee. Noise which busts him when he’s trying to do something he shouldn’t.

He knows he can’t bite the tags off. But he can bite the leather. So what he’s trying to do is get his collar off so he can move freely in stealth mode.

It’s partly our fault, too…he’s had collar-free time because, about a month before each cat show, I take it off him so he doesn’t have “collar hair” on his neck. During this time, he’s experienced the benefits of silent running.

I was lucky enough to find his collar on sale for half price at Petco online. So I stocked up on them. Because I think that’s the only way I’m going to be able to keep him in collars.

This is the collar he got in his Christmas stocking:

This was taken on Wednesday. I’d put the rivets in about a week earlier to keep him
from biting it more than he already had. You can see how well they worked.

The inside of the old collar.

This is the new collar. I added six more diamond-shaped rivets,
which increased the metal coverage on the leather 66.6%.

I also riveted the end of the collar so that it wouldn’t stick out and be quite as bitable.
That was Wednesday night. Now, it’s Saturday afternoon. And he’s already managed to bite the new one a few times, despite all the rivets.


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