Gun-Hee a day/27 of 366

Here’s Kylie. Kylie is a native Bostonian, born in Quincy, adopted from an ad on Craigslist in 2005. She had a white brother and sister when we went to pick her up; her mother is an odd-eyed white cat named Mary Jane. Kylie is a lot bigger than her mother was. When she was smaller, she had two blue tabby “racing stripes” on her head, but as she got older, they faded and now you can’t see them unless you look very closely, and even then it’s only a few hairs.

She was the first cat to accept Gun-Hee when we brought him home. She knows the word “treats” and we can’t say it in front of her or she’ll go into the kitchen and wait til she gets some. Here is Kylie and Gun-Hee, waiting for treats.

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