Gun-Hee a day/72 of 366

A self portrait of me and Gun-Hee (with almost all Gun-Hee and very little me)…
Oh, and if you’re a regular reader of Cute Overload, and you’ve seen where they want to “snorgle” a “belleh”? Well…I wouldn’t recommend it. Gun-Hee is as sweet as can be, but when I blew rasberries into his oh-so-adorable belly, he kicked me in the face, and I have a scratch on my cheek to show for it.

So I guess the lesson to be learned from Cute Overload is “Snorgle at your own risk.”

2 thoughts on “Gun-Hee a day/72 of 366

  1. I love this pic, the expression on his face is wonderful!!
    Heh, Sasha does her ‘Porn Star’ pose- lying on the floor, on her back, legs spread every which way, belly showing… Touch and die though… *grins* hand goes towards belly, and all four legs go into action, and let’s not forget about the teeth…


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