Gun-Hee a day/84 of 366

Every morning when I’m getting ready for work, Gun-Hee likes to knock around in the tub. And I do mean “knock around.” We go in to take a shower and find half the shampoo/conditioner/soaps on the floor.

I have no idea why he decided to lick his chops. Tasty tasty soap??

Gun-Hee a day/83 of 366

Happy Easter!

These photos were taken when Gun-Hee was tiny. He loved to play with plastic easter eggs, just as Kylie did when she was that age.

Gun-Hee a day/82 of 366

One thing that Gun-Hee does that he’s never outgrown and I’ve never got tired of is his love of chasing his own tail. This is a trait he shares with his Uncle Whitey. And, like his uncle (who, I am told, chases his tail on the top of the cat tree), he does it in the most precarious of places. Like the back of the toilet.

Gun-Hee a day/81 of 366

Sometimes, Gun-Hee just sort of…I don’t know. Stares randomly at the wall.


Gun-Hee a day/80 of 366

Gun-Hee sees Hudsucker’s Proxy for the first time…you know, for kids.

Gun-Hee a day/79 of 366

“It’s not a laptop…it’s a really warm, really hard pillow…”

I love this one…he’s tucking his paws underneath the laptop to make them warmer!

Gun-Hee a day/78 of 366

By popular demand…Gun-Hee’s voice!