Gun-Hee’s Mailbag

A reader asks: Would Gun Hee eat a pizza if I put tuna and sardines on it? lol

Lets see…yesterday for breakfast my husband had bacon, eggs and a bagel. Gun-Hee ate a piece of all three and then had a go at the coffee (which Dmy husband didn’t let him have because the last thing Gun-Hee needs is caffeine). I had a hamburger, chips and salsa, and a lowfat ice cream sandwich for dinner…he wanted all of that too (except the salsa). So the answer is he would eat a pizza. Regardless of what is on it. 🙂

Feel free to ask a question…

Gun-Hee a day/138 of 366

I was in a little store today, when I saw this:

And can you blame me? I had to buy it!

Leopard print and Gun-Hee…what could be better?

My hope is that he’ll be able to carry my keys when we go out.

Doesn’t he look handsome?