Gun-Hee’s Mailbag

A reader asks: Would Gun Hee eat a pizza if I put tuna and sardines on it? lol

Lets see…yesterday for breakfast my husband had bacon, eggs and a bagel. Gun-Hee ate a piece of all three and then had a go at the coffee (which Dmy husband didn’t let him have because the last thing Gun-Hee needs is caffeine). I had a hamburger, chips and salsa, and a lowfat ice cream sandwich for dinner…he wanted all of that too (except the salsa). So the answer is he would eat a pizza. Regardless of what is on it. 🙂

Feel free to ask a question…

3 thoughts on “Gun-Hee’s Mailbag

  1. My last cat Midnight loved pizza bones(crusts) and would steal them out of the box when we weren’t looking. So we would just give her one to chew on while we ate our pizza. It didn’t need to have tuna or sardines on it, just plain pizza.


  2. So Gun-Hee likes people food.. what is his favorite kind of kitty food? Does he eat a special brand for super cute/smart kitties?
    (Steve made me ask this. I think he’s jealous of how handsome Gun-Hee looked in your last post.)


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