Gun-Hee a day/139 of 366

People often ask me why Gun-Hee is the only one of my cats I take outside on a leash.

The answer, basically, is in the photos below:

Gun-Hee isn’t afraid of, and in fact doesn’t notice, large vehicles passing by him.

Trucks, buses, trains…he doesn’t flinch. He truly doesn’t notice these large vehicles.

This train honked its horn, and I jumped. Gun-Hee was nonplussed.

2 thoughts on “Gun-Hee a day/139 of 366

  1. What an awesome cat. Hubero literally dragged me up onto the porch one day when a noisy van turned onto the street, and he is deathly afraid of some big pink garbage or recycling truck that comes up our street sometimes. Like, belly-crawl to the closet scared.
    Other than that, he’s pretty good with the harness for an adult shelter rescue.


    1. Tessie was two before I ever put a harness on her, and she does well, too. But she’s afraid of vehicles, trucks and buses especially.
      Gun-Hee is amazing…and it’s just him, I really didn’t do anything to make him so fearless.


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