Gun-Hee a Day/204 of 366

My new Gun-Hee memorial on EROS

Gun-Hee a Day/203 of 366

My little Gun-Hee…I miss him so much…

Gun-Hee a Day/202 of 366

My husband took this one back in March; Gun-Hee, Kylie and me on the sofa watching TV.

Gun-Hee a Day/201 of 366

When we went to Las Vegas, I found a company that makes custom poker chips using your photo. So of course, I had to get some with Gun-Hee on them.

They came today:

They are as awesome as promised. So, if you ever need a personalised poker chip,
I highly recommend these guys…

Gun-Hee a Day/200 of 366

This is a photo from Gun-Hee’s first bath.

Gun-Hee a Day/199 of 366

Gun-Hee and Patrick had a very unlikely bond. Patrick misses him.

Gun-Hee a Day/198 of 366

Another action shot with the milkring
(or, judging by yesterday’s comments, another pic of his “manly bits”).