Gun-Hee a Day/214 of 366

I bought this custom photo urn/charm from Memorial Gallery in Seattle after Gun-Hee died. It now has some of his ashes in it.

Gun-Hee’s Mailbag

I got this email a week or so ago:

I’m sorry that I do not know your name. I have read Gun-Hee’s entire blog and photo-a-day and I wanted to tell you how sorry I am that he had to go on to his next journey. FIP is a horrible, evil disease. I have had the horrific experience of losing 4 beloved cats to FIP over a course of 4 years. Two were 6 months old, one was 2 years old, and one was 9 years old. I know how hard it is and the loss and sadness you feel. Gun-Hee was an awesome little cat and his personality certainly glowed in his photos. Just looking at his photos made me laugh and cry. He reminds me of my American Bobtail, Lynx – always into everything and on the go.

I will continue to visit Gun-Hee’s site every day to see his photos. I am sure you know that he is with you in spirit, always by your side.

I live in NH – probably not too far from you.

Thank you for sharing your sweet boy. We can only pray that someday there is a cure, or a prevention, for this horrible disease.

It’s these kinds of emails that keep me going. Thank you. The weekends are the worst, since those are when I went on outings with Gun-Hee.