Gun-Hee a Day/235 of 366

Another photo from when I brought Gun-Hee to work with me.

Gun-Hee a Day/234 of 366

Today was a bad day. We had to go to Petco, and all I could think of was the times that Gun-Hee had gone to that Petco with us…

I miss him every day. Terribly.

Here’s Gun-Hee helping my co-worker Julia, the day I took him to the office.

Gun-Hee a Day/233 of 366

Gun-Hee’s TV obsession became even more amusing when we were watching something with big cats.

Gun-Hee a Day/232 of 366

Gun-Hee loved sports in general…

Here’s Gun-Hee watching NCAA Basketball.

Gun-Hee a Day/231 of 366

I am really going to miss Gun-Hee come October and the World Series…

Gun-Hee a Day/230 of 364

Gun-Hee loved to explore the hallway. I let Kylie into the hallway today…and all she wanted to do was get back inside our apartment…

*sigh* I miss Gun-Hee. So. MUCH.

Gun-Hee a Day/229 of 364

Gun-Hee loved his cat show cage. We kept it set up at home,
and he treated it like his secret club house.

I miss him every day.