Gun-Hees a Day/242 to 248 of 366

Turns out, cruise ships charge a minimum of 45¢ per minute for internet access. I’m in Tampa airport now, and they have free internet. Therefore, we return you to your regularly scheduled Gun-Hee photos a day, already in progress…

Sept. 1: When Gun-Hee was a kitten, he’d play with toy cats as hard as with the live ones.

Sept. 2: He loved this little pagoda…but he also used it as a scratching post.

Sept. 3: He was always so helpful at mealtime, whether it was making breakfast…

Sept. 4: …Or ordering Chinese food.

Sept. 5: He also helped me wrap all the gifts at Christmas time.

Sept. 6: “Mo-ooom! I was just looking at the fish, honest!”

Sept. 7: Taken from a video, here’s Gun-Hee in Cambridge Common, watching his first squirrel