Angel Art

I just made my first art with Angel. I call this one “Timid Angel.”

Gun-Hees a Day/280 to 291 of 366

Between a trip to California and a nasty cold, I’ve missed doing the Gun-Hee a Day.

Here is what was missed:

Oct 9:

Gun-Hee loved Patrick.
Oct 10:

Gun-Hee on one of his first walks outside.
Oct 11:

Gun-Hee and Patrick again.
Oct 12:

Gun-Hee always had to monitor what we were doing.
Oct 13:

Gun-Hee and Kylie always had a special bond.
Oct 14:

When Gun-Hee was sick, he camped out on this blanket behind the sofa.
Oct 15:

I don’t know why he picked that as his spot, but he seemed very fond of it.
Oct 16:

Here he is making his trademark ball.
Oct 17:

Sometimes Kylie would keep him company.
Oct 18:

Kylie doesn’t look all that comfortable, but she puts up with it for Gun-Hee.
Oct 19:

Close-up of Gun-Hee on his blanket.