Rusty is a “long term FIP survivor”

I meant to post this last month, but somehow it got missed. Rusty, Gun-Hee’s brother, made it to his second birthday!

Woohoo!!! As of today, Rusty is considered a “long term FIP survivor” (according to FIP research studies by the Winn Feline Foundation). He has survived past the 3 month mark since signs of FIP (primarily the widening of the abdomen due to fluid) were first noticed on June 28.

It looks like all of the abdominal fluid has dissipated, although I think he still has some fluid in the chest cavity which causes him to cough up mucous on a daily basis. Hopefully that will all be gone soon too.

Rusty still needs some muscle and weight put back on him, but he continues to enjoy time hanging out with the other cats in the house and in our secured backyard. He can still jump up onto the counter when he smells something good cooking, and he can still put the chase to another cat, or squirrel, when so inclined 🙂

For his celebration dinner he enjoyed wild Pacific red salmon with organic brown and wild rice and organic cauliflower, and some T-Bone steak as an added treat, which he especially liked! One of the attached pictures was just taken of Rusty lounging on his new couch I just got for him yesterday. The outdoor photo was taken on September 14.

Of course, our goal is for Rusty to be a “really, really, really long term survivor” and we are working hard to get that miracle. The memory of his brother Gun-Hee, who went to the Rainbow Bridge on June 28 because of FIP, motivates us to beat this!

Gun-Hee a Day/293 of 366

Even when he was feeling bad, Gun-Hee still managed to look handsome and composed.