Gun-Hee a Day/294 of 366

Even when he was sick, Gun-Hee would camp out and wait for treats.

Homer the Blind Cat

Homer the brave blind cat.

Homer’s backstory.

Since knowing Angel only a week and a half, I can appreciate the courage of this little cat. Also the strength and determination – Angel is the strongest little cat I’ve ever known. In fact, I’ve had to buy a Klaw Kontrol bag for her so I can give her her medications.

Let’s hear it for the vision-impaired kittehs!

Angel’s First Trip to the Vet

Angel went to the vet on Saturday because she was sneezing. I took a few photos while we were there.

I got lucky with this one.

Exploring the vet’s office…

Talking to me. I swear, Abys talk more than any Siamese I’ve ever known!

Close-up of her bad eye.

I think this is just an adorable pose. You can see she’s every inch an Abyssinian!

Sitting pretty…

As I am typing this, Angel is playing with a small piece of cheese I gave her. Most cats would recognise the cheese as a treat and eat it. Not Angel! She’s playing with it. It’s hilarious.