Gun-Hee a Day/310 of 366

I miss Gun-Hee most in the mornings.
He used to hang out in the bathroom and help me get ready for work.


When Angel came home, Tessie was not exactly welcoming. In fact, she was downright hostile. She hissed at Angel, stalked her around the house, and would hit her if we weren’t close by.

I bought Feliway diffusers, kept them separated when we weren’t home, and got out the squirt gun, just in case.

On Wednesday night, finally, we had a breakthrough.


Tessie reached out to touch Angel’s paw while she slept on the sofa!


Then, she started to groom Angel, licking her on the head!


Sadly, I wasn’t able to get a real camera to capture the moment. I had to use my iPhone. It was either that, or no photo at all…Sometimes, life’s just like that.